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The official blog of, the Interagency Joint Fire Science Program.

April 26, 2012

In Search of Answers

I hope you’ll read our recent Fire Science Digest on Bark Beetles.  Our intent with this publication was to present the differing views and uncertainty about fire management in beetle-killed forests. It’s not the final and definitive word on the subject by a long shot. 

We'll continue to make research investments in the complex relationships surrounding fire management in beetle-killed forests.  Our promise is to keep you supplied with the latest research on this and many other topics as new information becomes available.  While we're at it we'd like to point you to a few more resources and science perspectives:

Colorado's Forests and the Pine Beetle Epidemic

Professor Jeff Mitton and researchers from the University of Colorado explain the connection between the unprecedented mountain pine beetles epidemic and climate change in Colorado.

Part of the series "Climate and Colorado's Future," produced by the Office of University Outreach at the University of Colorado Boulder, Sovereign Pictures, and Landlocked Films. 

And another batch of recent publications.... 

Jenkins, MJ, Page, WG, Hebertson, EG, Alexander, ME. 2012. Forest Ecology and Management. 275:23-34. (prepress version) 

Powell,EN, Townsend, PA, Raffa, KF. 2012.  Ecological Monographs, 82(1):69-84

Simard, M, Romme, WH, Griffin, JM, Turner, MG. 2011. Ecological Monographs, 81(1):3-24

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Keep smilin'

Tim Swedberg

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