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The official blog of, the Interagency Joint Fire Science Program.

April 13, 2012

Why The Black Covers?

Fire History and Climate Change

When you see a Black Series publication from Firescience.Gov, you can be assured that we've assembled the most current fire science information on any given topic or issue.

Today, we offer managers the Fire History and Climate Change Synthesis. It should be on every fire or resource manager's bookshelf, or iPad, or hard drive. Our thanks to William T. Sommers, Stanley G. Coloff, and  Susan G. Conard, for writing this important publication. This work is the result of JFSP Project 09-2-01-09.
Cover - Synthesis of Knowledge: Fire History and Climate Change

You can download the publication by individual chapter, or you can request a free CD.

Let us know what you think of this offering by leaving your comment below. 

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